violin player

Pirate Man

Witchy Woman

Soft pastel on sanded paper.  Image size is 18×14.  Reference photo taken at the Texas Renaissance Festival held yearly north of Houston. Available

The Scarf

Dry Pastel on Wallis Paper 14 x 18

A Lesson Learned

We all know that entering artwork into a show or competition for judging by a complete stranger can be a very emotional experience. After all, artwork is extremely personal and you are opening yourself up to the judge and that judge’s individual preferences. Judges are only human after all and we know humans do make […]

Lily Flowers

Lunch at The Western

Pastel on Sanded Paper Available


Oil on Canvas Available 

Pastel Fix

The other day I learned something new – how to fix a rain ruined pastel painting! I donated a painting, Ruffles, to a local art organization fund raiser. Ruffles was a painting done of a female clown at a circus that came through a nearby town. Clowns can be a bit creepy and Ruffles leans […]

Bovine Buddies

Soft Pastel on Ampersand Bord 16 x 20 (framed 22 x 26) Available