Dune Day

Pastel on UArt paper 12 x 15 Purchase Information  Done in plein aire, Matagorda, Texas

Walk to the Beach

Pastel on UArt paper 12 x 15 SOLD Done in plein aire, Matagorda, Texas


Pastel on UArt paper 18 x 14 Purchase Information  South Padre seagull



Soft Pastel on Wallis Paper 16 x 20 Purchase Information 

Plein Air Pleasantries

One comment I haven’t heard yet is “plein air painting is a great excuse for shopping!”   The goal is to accumulate as much high tech gear as you can, go trekking outdoors to some God forsaken place, set everything up and then discover you forgot the bug spray!  I’ve been a bit skeptical of […]


Товар не для всех Oil 24 x 20 SOLD

Sunset Promenade

Как составить семантическое ядро для сайта Soft Pastel 23 X 17 SOLD

Pow Wow Dancer

kahovka-service Soft Pastel 20 x 17 SOLD From the Houston Native American Pow Wow  

Volunteering vs Painting

Time has a habit of sifting through my fingers and before I know it my day, week, month and year has disappeared and I am left wondering “what have I accomplished?”  These last few months I have not been spending much time at the easel even though I know I should.  Perhaps committing to a […]