Buttermere Beauty

“It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life” ~ Elizabeth Kenny

Visiting my English friends and tromping through the English countryside are two of my very favorite things to do.  If you are familiar with the English countryside you will know that it is peppered with sheep.  This lovely lady lives near Lake Buttermere in the Lake District and curiously watched us as we walked through her meadow.  The red dye on her back is a marker.  Some say the farmers mark their sheep with dye so that they are not mixed up with neighboring sheep, some say the dye is from a dipping tank but I prefer the “girls night out” theory that the males, or tups, are marked (called raddling the tups) with a colored paste and a bit of color is transferred to the ewe while mating.  Yep, sheep, although looking very sweet and innocent,  are sexy little critters.



  1. Sharon, this is great. I love the commentary too.

    • artfulsharon says:

      Thanks Lyn! The commentary is something fun I agree and somehow gives a bit of personality to the painting – especially, when it’s a painting of a curious little ewe.

  2. I love this painting and I love this post! I seriously had no clue as to the different ‘theories’ on sheep marking!

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