A Lesson Learned

We all know that entering artwork into a show or competition for judging by a complete stranger can be a very emotional experience. After all, artwork is extremely personal and you are opening yourself up to the judge and that judge’s individual preferences. Judges are only human after all and we know humans do make […]

Pastel Fix

The other day I learned something new – how to fix a rain ruined pastel painting! I donated a painting, Ruffles, to a local art organization fund raiser. Ruffles was a painting done of a female clown at a circus that came through a nearby town. Clowns can be a bit creepy and Ruffles leans […]

Plein Air Pleasantries

One comment I haven’t heard yet is “plein air painting is a great excuse for shopping!”   The goal is to accumulate as much high tech gear as you can, go trekking outdoors to some God forsaken place, set everything up and then discover you forgot the bug spray!  I’ve been a bit skeptical of […]

Volunteering vs Painting

Time has a habit of sifting through my fingers and before I know it my day, week, month and year has disappeared and I am left wondering “what have I accomplished?”  These last few months I have not been spending much time at the easel even though I know I should.  Perhaps committing to a […]

Only the Noses Nose

It’s been quite a while since I painted a portrait, years actually, so I approached this commission with a bit of caution and a lot of worry.  I picked the best photo out of the pictures that were sent to me and started to draw. This particular photo was not a high-resolution photo so it […]

Workshops Can Be Motivators

 “All Things are Difficult Before They are Easy” ~ Thomas Fuller Workshops can be wonderful motivators as afterward they inevitably leave you feeling invigorated and inspired.  This past weekend The Rockport Center for the Arts held a two-day Enid Wood pastel workshop which was wonderfully stimulating.  It was a weekend of many “firsts” for most […]

Christmas in the Heart

“It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.” ~ W.T. Ellis Well, it’s that time of the year again and my how time does fly!  I have meant to blog a bit more but life does manage to derail my best intentions. Two of my art leagues have a Christmas Luncheon […]

The Beauty of Pastel

“Bright colours or dark ones, sparkling clarity or misty atmosphere, landscape, still life, portrait – I haven’t met a subject, style or mood yet that can’t be portrayed beautifully in pastel“.  ~ Dave Beckett The Fall Show at the Gates Fine Art Center in Rosenberg was judged by Mark Stewart, renowned watercolor artist. Stewart presented […]


Many artists have found their “fit’ and become well known for a particular type of painting – portraits, animals, landscapes etc.  Me, I paint what appeals to me at the moment.  I try to challenge myself by trying subjects that I haven’t yet painted, hoping one of these days to find my perfect “fit”.  I […]

Vacationing with the Birds

My husband and I love to drive to our vacation spots and when we do we bring along many of the comforts we enjoy at home  – like nice wine, sharp knives and my own personal pillow.  Preferring accommodations with a kitchen is another of our special needs.  This way we can enjoy a cup […]