The Scarf

Dry Pastel on Wallis Paper 14 x 18

Bovine Buddies

Soft Pastel on Ampersand Bord 16 x 20 (framed 22 x 26) Available

Walk to the Beach

Pastel on UArt paper 12 x 15 SOLD Done in plein aire, Matagorda, Texas


Товар не для всех Oil 24 x 20 SOLD

Sunset Promenade

Как составить семантическое ядро для сайта Soft Pastel 23 X 17 SOLD

Pow Wow Dancer

kahovka-service Soft Pastel 20 x 17 SOLD From the Houston Native American Pow Wow  


Soft Pastel on Gatorboard 5 x 7 Purchase Information Whistler Duck antics are so much fun to watch.


Brad’s Girls

Парапеты Soft Pastel 20 x 16 SOLD Two beautiful young ladies with personality!

Ostrich Chick Pastel 7.5 x 7.5 SOLD This little fellow is certain to make you smile!