“There are two types of people in this world.  People who hate clowns…and clowns.”  from The Pendragon Adventure

How many of you think that clowns are creepy?  Most people I know think that, however, I never thought about it very much.  I remember the days when my grandmother would take us grandkids to the Shriners’ circus and the clowns would be busy passing out gifts and popcorn balls to all the children.  I suppose I was too busy looking at the goodies being passed out as I never really noticed their faces being creepy.  I do recall the wonderful goodness of those HUGE popcorn balls though!

A few weeks ago I took my camera and went to the circus.  There were many clowns there but they didn’t seem so loveable and approachable as they were when I was an eight or ten year old.  None of them were passing out goodies either.  My favorite clown that day was wearing a large colorful sombrero and had bandoliers cross crossed over his chest.  Where there were supposed to be bullets were colorful crayons.  He was definitely my kind of clown; artistic and not too creepy.

So, here is the first painting from one of my circus photos.  I’m thinking of naming this one “Ruffles” but I would welcome any other name suggestions.  And…do you think this clown is creepy?


Ruffles final



  1. Some clowns I think are creepy but not this one. I like the colors! He definitely has a mysterious air.

  2. artfulsharon says:

    Definitely colorful!

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