Keep an Eye on the Others

 “Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t turn back” ~ Bill Clinton

Okay, so we all are aware of the big deal artists – you know, the “famous” ones – but some of us have been lucky enough to find a few of those artists that are not quite so famous in the art world but who have such wonderful qualities in their paintings that we look up to and admire them and their work.   Two artists I like to keep an eye on are Lisa Ober and Rene Wiley.  Lisa is an outstanding pastel artist who puts together  wonderfully modern still lifes (think mint patties, popsicles and paper punches) that are so realistic I would swear they were photos.  It’s a long drive to her gallery in Missouri so I can only view her work online and dream of one day taking a road trip up that way to get a really good long close up look at her paintings, hoping some of her talent rubs off on me!  Rene Wiley is an artist living close by in Galveston, TX who has a delightful way with color.  Her paintings are perfect for that clean light beach house look and are so vibrant and appealing that you just have to smile in their presence …  you simply stand there and grin.  She has created her own unique style and I believe it makes her a standard out among Texas artists.  Both Lisa and Rene have both worked diligently and have obtained what most artists dream about – having their own gallery.   We all can dream can’t we?  We just need to keep our eye on the prize……

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