Meet the Artist – Sharon Haney

Sharon Haney - Pastel ArtistI was raised in Ohio, the land of painted barns and beautiful rolling countryside. Because I lived in the country my horse was my mode of transportation to and from friends’ homes, the skating pond in the winter and the local sweet shop in the summer. I lived and breathed horses and that is what I drew when I was young. Horses, horses and more horses! In around the sixth or seventh grade I won a summer scholarship to an art camp and ever since then I have loved creating art.

Of course, life intervened and as an adult many years passed before I had the time needed to create anything besides a well-balanced family meal. As a corporate spouse, I moved with my husband and family to the North of England where I enrolled in art classes. I studied oil and watercolor painting as well as live figure drawing. After a few years in England we moved to Houston in 1993 and I began painting regularly in watercolor and oil. Time is now spent between Fulshear, Texas (outside Houston) and Alpine, Texas (Big Bend Country).

My introduction to pastels happened when I saw a few wonderful pastel paintings and the luminous colors caught my eye and my heart. From that point on I wanted to create in pastel and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

There is so much beauty in items or moments of our everyday life and those are the things I enjoy painting the most. The odd composition, angle or view is what intrigues me and so my paintings are not a group of one subject or style, but a compilation of people and things that have come and gone in my personal life. They capture a moment in time whether it is an animal along side the road, a memory from a trip or a glimpse of something that caught my eye and made me think “that could be a beautiful painting.”

Currently I paint primarily in pastel and am pleased that many of my paintings now reside in numerous States, the United Kingdom and Iceland. I am a past President of the Pastel Society of Southeast Texas, which supports and promotes the fine art of pastel painting, a member of the Big Bend Arts Council and an Associate Member of the Pastel Society of America.