Meet the Artists Event

A few of my art pieces are hung in a very nice gallery in Old Town Katy and every time I am there I enjoy perusing the work of the other artists who are in that gallery.  As the saying goes “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” and that saying applies to art as well.  It’s nice to appreciate the art of someone else and even nicer when you have the chance to meet and interact with that person.  Katy Art and Frame had their holiday “Meet the Artists” event last week and it turned out to be a nice little shindig with a beautiful spread of hors d’oeuvres, wine and artistically arranged bouquets of roses – some of which were hand painted!  Really ….  hand painted real roses!  A few of my artist friends were there and I met a few that I did not know until that night.  The fun part was matching faces and personalities to all the art work I had been admiring on my visits to the gallery.  Diane, the ironworker, who had made a firescreen for us last year was there and I was very surprised to see her again.  Somehow “ironworker” and “feminine southern Christian lady” is a juxaposition I had never come across before.  She started her business by welding iron in her driveway but soon the neighborhood put the kibosh to that and she was forced to open a studio.  I think that was a marvelous move for her.  I also met a young male shopper who was a coffee connoisseur so I learned quite a lot about the types of coffee and that drinking coffee with chocolate is a very good thing to do.  It was a very engaging evening and after a few glasses of wine, along with a few other goodies,  I could have used a good cuppa coffee, with or without chocolate.

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  1. Ooooh – now I have an excuse to have chocolate with breakfast! Great post – never heard of hand painted roses but now I definitely want one 😀

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