Vacationing with the Birds

My husband and I love to drive to our vacation spots and when we do we bring along many of the comforts we enjoy at home  – like nice wine, sharp knives and my own personal pillow.  Preferring accommodations with a kitchen is another of our special needs.  This way we can enjoy a cup of morning tea and watch the day light up while still in the comfort of our pajamas.  We also like a nice beach … and we like it all to ourselves.  That’s why we are hooked on South Padre Island in late September.  The water is bathtub warm, clear enough to see your toes and emptied of summertime vacationers.  You feel very special while bobbing out in the water with the pelicans and seagulls between you and the shoreline.  Sea birds eat fish and its amazing to see them dive head first into a wave, come up with a fish and watch them dine.  In the frenzy of feeding, the pelicans forget you are there and come in so close you can see their distinct coloring and marvel at how something so huge and cumbersome in appearance can fold its wings into the shape of a stealth bomber and majestically enter the sea.  The seagulls are another story.  They watch you go into the water then rush over to see what you left on the beach.  If you are fishing they will steal your bait from behind your back and if you are generous enough to feed a few pieces to them they will eat them from your fingertips while they fly by.  Seagulls are gossipy noisy birds and love nothing better than to crash your party, eat your food and make a mess everywhere.  They are, however, beautiful to watch against a blue Texas sky and the coastline, along with our vacation, would not be as wonderful without

Seagull 1


  1. Lovely post! Hope you’re having a fun vacation & LOVE this painting!

    • artfulsharon says:

      We really are enjoying ourselves. Along with the theme of this post, we visited the Birding Center yesterday which was fabulous! One of their herons posed for us, another crazy bird followed us around flapping his wings and eating and one of their alligators tried to eat us…..well, actually, it swam towards us and then went beneath the walkway we were on. Good photo opp.

  2. Sounds bliss !! Xx

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