Volunteering vs Painting

Time has a habit of sifting through my fingers and before I know it my day, week, month and year has disappeared and I am left wondering “what have I accomplished?”  These last few months I have not been spending much time at the easel even though I know I should.  Perhaps committing to a daily painting would re-energize and re-direct me but I doubt it.  I do spend a lot of my time volunteering for art organizations that I enjoy.  This year I was going to pull back on a few of my volunteer duties to spend more time painting but then I stepped up and took on one of the larger tasks in my pastel group.  I keep telling myself “someone has to do it.”  If you have the chance to volunteer you should take it.  It’s a great way to meet new people and learn more about the organization you are volunteering for.  Every person’s contribution is appreciated and, granted, some can do more than others but in the end everyone’s volunteer efforts should be applauded.  Now I am thinking that maybe next year I will pull back from my volunteering so I have more time to paint.

Pow Wow Dancer 20x17 resized

This painting, Pow Wow Dancer, is one that I finished last week.  I must have taken hundreds of reference photos a few years back while spending the day at a Native American Pow Wow.  I especially enjoyed watching the dance competition as the explosion and movement of color was fantastic.

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